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Welcome to my website.

You will find some pictures, short stories, poems, articles and quotes.

I hope there is something of interest to you.

More material will be added over time. 

'The curious incident of the cow in  the Indian day time''. Story plus pictures at:-

My National Service RAF pictures at:-

Classic lightweight pictures. Cycle races in 1953.

Books written by me :- 'ORB WEB TALES' a collection of short stories.
Published by SRE-F(Books)

In Paper-back.ISBN. 978-0-9556817-0-7.

In Hard-back 978-0-9556817-1-4

'Observations in C Major' a collection of poetry and prose.
Publisher SRE-F(Books)

In Hard back ISBN 978-0-9556817-3-8 

In Paper back ISBN 978-0-9556817-4-5.

The above books can be obtained on-line---

From Amazon, Waterstones, etc, or by Googling the titles.